Plush Carpet Products and Services

Plush carpet brings a luxurious look and feel into any home. Plush carpet has a velvet-like finish that is perfectly suited toward a formal setting or family room. Plush carpet will improve the entire landscape of the room, enhancing the interior design and décor, and it’s a dream to sit on for watching TV or playing with the kids.

Plush carpet is also called cut-pile carpet. It is characterized by a weave that is smooth and dense. The actual cut of the pile gives the impression of a perfectly manicured section of grass. Plush carpet is usually manufactured with Nylon fibers. This lends itself to stain resistance and easy cleaning.

Uses of Plush Carpet

The plush carpet is widely available, and the carpet option of choice for many purposes. The carpet can be used in both the office and household. Due to the wide variety of designs and colors that are available for plush carpets, many people choose this type to match with their furniture or other aspects of their interior design, that may not be as easily matched with other carpet types.

The Benefits of Plush Carpet

Whether plush carpet has been chosen for the home or office it provides many advantages:
Comfort: Even the name speaks to its most popular selling point; the carpet is incredibly cozy. The cushioning effect of plushes can even be achieved without padding. This is ideal for households with toddlers and young children. It provides a safe and padded surface for play.
Low Maintenance: Plush carpets are also highly sought after for their ability to be relatively stain and soil resistant. Again, this is advantageous to young families and also in the working environment. Due to the fibers that are used to manufacture plush carpets, stains do not hold well, making this carpet’s easier to clean.
Variety: Plush carpet is available in a variety of colors and designs. The carpet can be purchased in colors that are not typically offered in other carpet types. For many customers with a particular color scheme for their décor in mind, plush carpet will often provide the color or texture that suits a very specific requirement.

Care and Cleaning for Plush Carpets

Plush carpets are easy to clean and maintain. The only consideration that should be noted is that vacuum and footprint indents may show up easily when walking over the carpet, especially just after cleaning. For most people this is not an issue for concern but for some formal business settings, it may be considered the only downside to the carpet, and should be kept in mind.