Berber Carpet Products and Services

Berber carpet is modern, durable and affordable. The carpet is characterized by a loop pile construction type and usually contains small flecks of dark color on a lighter, shaded background color. Berber carpets can be made from a variety of material including: nylon, Olefin fiber and wool or a combination of these materials. Typically, Berber carpet is on a plain color mix with no pattern.

Uses of Berber Carpet

Berber’s durability is best suited for high traffic environments such as offices, schools and recreation rooms. The carpet is stain resistant and matches many interior design themes. For commercial business and schools, Berber carpet has been a popular choice for many years.

The Benefits of Berber Carpet

Berber carpet has many advantages to a business or organization that is looking for a long-lasting and affordable solution to carpet products and installation:
Berber carpet is affordable: Berber carpets are known to be very economical. Even though the price range has the potential to vary, the carpets are still the most cost-effective option for large workplaces and organizations. The most expensive Berber carpets are the wool varieties but they are worth the money for the quality. For a tighter budget, olefin and polyester still offers the same benefits but the carpet is less costly.
Durable: This depends on the material and manufacturer but Berber has become synonymous with longevity and is the hands-down winner, when compared to other carpet types, for high traffic areas.
Stain Resistant: Berber’s fibers do not absorb spills easily. This makes blotting spills possible, saving on costly cleanings or permanent stains. This is why many schools and workplaces choose Berber for their facilities.
Aesthetically appealing and versatile: Berber carpets allow for unique designs and color combinations. The carpet often has a flecked color scheme making it adaptable to multiple interior design schemes. This also holds true for when interior design colors and decor changes. The carpet blends well into almost any interior concept.
Comfort: Berber carpet’s looped design provides a cushiony feel. This is especially true with the wool and nylon varieties. Olefin and polyester also share this feel to some degree.

Care and Cleaning

Dry cleaning or deep cleaning is recommended on Berber carpet. The high alkaline detergents in traditional steam cleaning may cause pH burns in the Olefin materials. It is recommended that the carpet is cleaned every 6-12 months to ensure its longevity and to keep the carpet looking its best.

It is recommended to keep Berber carpet away from cats, as they like to use it as a scratching post. Berber carpet can snag, so it is important to reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

In Conclusion
Berber carpet is a great choice for commercial businesses, organizations and families that require an economical carpet for a high-traffic zone. Berber carpets provide all of the necessary characteristics of a carpet including durability, comfort and aesthetic appeal. This versatile and cost-effective carpet is a great choice for a variety of uses.